Top 100 Tamarac, Florida home sales for June 2020

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These are the top 100 home sales for Tamarac, Florida in June 2020, according to

In June 2020, there were 125 homes sold, with a median home sale price of $209,995 in Tamarac.

Top 100 home sales in Tamarac for June 2020
BuyerAddressSale Price
Lee Humma and Mariza Jorge8351 74th St.$495,000
Marian G. Meyers7104 79th Ave. 1-2$390,000
Dale and Tiffany McKay8299 Cassia Terrace$387,000
Karen G Anderson6204 Orchard Tree Lane$378,000
Porshia Williams7530 87th Way$365,000
Tanesha Dawkins8112 73rd Terrace$360,000
Mildred Lopez and David Torres Cardenas8911 80th Drive$360,000
Samantha and Carolyn Courtney7329 Corkwood Terrace$359,000
Costin Denisov and Stephanie Fortune7401 76th Court 1-2$355,000
Daniel Alejandro and Ana Marcela Aravena5719 Bayberry Lane$353,000
U.S. Bank8004 Hibiscus Circle 11$346,645
Leidy Johanna and Felipe Cardona5704 White Hickory Circle$330,000
Rodolfo Poveda and Karen Juarez7013 97th Ave.$320,000
Kristina and Nicholas Siddons4905 Holly Drive$315,000
Sherman T. and Daysha A. Thornton8200 70th Ave.$314,000
Jeffrey N. and Donna Karen Rosenblum Pickens9822 Malvern Drive$310,000
Clarissa Elsie Coney10218 80th Drive$309,900
Federal National Mortgage Association7913 Hibiscus Court 51$308,991
Elizabeth Smith8112 93rd Ave.$300,000
Karen Andrea Creary7331 Palm Terrace 43$300,000
Ramona D. Pierson-Samuels (life estate) and Anika A. Phanord8018 95th Lane$299,000
Raoul Altidort and Delanda Justine7310 57th Drive$295,000
Simone and Wade Hylton8144 Pine Circle 14$295,000
Karla Patricia Rodriguez7911 72nd Ave.$285,000
Joseph AW Mendez, Stephanie Jenally Ras and Luz Celenia Felix7609 71st Ave.$285,000
Yasmani Ramos Alba and Siara Hernandez Perez6609 80th Court$285,000
Edward Martinez9805 67th Court$275,000
Karen R. and Robert C. Gold and Fern L. Gold (revocable trust)7995 Exeter Blvd. 103-B50$270,000
Irene P. Ronchetto9753 Malvern Drive$269,000
Faith J Aschenbrenner7141 Woodmont Way 6-19$268,000
Frederick Terribile9705 67th St.$265,000
Jacqueline Georgia Morgan7904 73rd Ave.$265,000
Jordan Pacheco5951 Manchester Way$261,000
Fanny Gertrudis Castanon and Victor Raul Castanon La Torre5912 Manchester Way$260,000
Christine Louise Whitehead6517 58th St.$259,000
Yasir and Kendra Arauz5721 Tuscany Terrace$257,000
Valerie Almeida7101 62nd St.$252,000
Ricardo F Palacios Guevara and Alejandra M Palacios7824 Catalina Circle$247,000
Ralph and Julie Aguero9826 Malvern Drive$245,000
Ramdhal Jhose Florencio and Julissa Miguelina Mendoza6738 Pine Island Road 15-3$245,000
Stuart D. and Barbara A. Bacon7105 72nd St.$245,000
Marlene and Howell Buchanan4402 44th Terrace$242,000
Jeffrey Etizard9093 Chambers St.$240,400
Margaret Charles10005 83rd St. 2$240,000
Juan and Aura Lila Abdalah5710 69th Ave.$240,000
Miriam Baltierra and Ruperto Alanis Gonzalez6405 Catalina Lane$239,900
Marisol Rincon and Oscar Silva8102 100th Drive$239,000
Sandra Maldonado and Jose Berrios6707 72nd St.$235,000
Rossana Maria Quintana7680 96th Terrace$235,000
Josephine Rios9418 72nd Court$233,000
Yolanda Pierre8115 71st Court$232,000
Paras T Junker9235 61st St.$230,000
Donovan W. and Carmen R. Christie4919 48th Ave.$229,000
Rafael Edgardo Guzman and Veronica Santiago6369 Landings Terrace$227,500
Jodian Natasha Robinson7902 69th Ave.$227,000
Jaime Cesar Alvarado and Maggie Eulalia Silva7143 100th Terrace$225,000
Herman Maxwell Spring, Sharon Lovey Spring and Spring Family Trust7623 Southampton Terrace 113$225,000
David and Jresaraine S. Mohabir8990 67th Court$225,000
Yvonne Williams10230 Lombardy Drive$225,000
Greg Stein and Sydney Thomas7259 Papaya Way 70$225,000
Monique Ilor Trowers6321 Landings Terrace$221,000
Antoine Fabien and Wensesse Lapaix Fabien6714 58th Court$221,000
Katherine Gallego9130 Whistable Walk$220,000
Dujon Riley6804 Cypress Walk Terrace$220,000
Osman Mejia2701 51st Place$215,500
Everton and Beverley Smith Miller4402 44th Ave.$214,000
Reynier Rivero Diaz5404 23rd Terrace$212,000
Meloni Andrea Pollard and Moriah Bocus4903 48th Ave.$210,000
Shane Maguffey7890 Dixie Beach Circle 161-22$210,000
Norma Delta Jascint Mitto8247 San Carlos Circle 228-29$210,000
Anthony E. and Barbara J. Behrens10180 Lombardy Drive$207,000
Raul Gutierrez and Scott Miller7104 74th Place$202,000
Nadia Melissa Hankerson7110 58th Court$200,000
Lynette Shaheed4506 43rd Ave.$200,000
Elizabeth T. and Freddie Medina9227 Wedgewood Way A-22$198,000
Avery Jones and Albertha Ashley Jones4407 44th Ave.$193,000
Herman G. Allen7026 Nandina Lane 189$192,000
Jami L Schlecker7670 79th Ave. O5$190,000
Rodson Silva and Celia Cristina Santana De Alvarenga4917 55th Court$190,000
Andrew Reger7615 67th Ave.$184,900
Andrea Cornwall1874 45th Court$180,000
Pierre Louis4622 46th St.$180,000
Nereida Cortes Morales5719 65th Ave.$178,000
Gregorio Andres and Lucero Manuela Gil4509 43rd Ave.$170,000
Stephanie B Castro and Carlos Alexis Ramirez7598 86th Terrace 204-5$165,000
Oscar A. and Maria E. Calero7635 Southampton Terrace 416$163,000
Milagros C Valdes4401 43rd Terrace$162,500
Carmen Maribel Velasquez5712 48th Way$160,000
Malitia Russell4729 50th St.$160,000
Carlos Alberto Candido Dos Ramos7930 Nob Hill Road 203$160,000
Pauline Young and Heather Smalling-Ekeya7763 Southampton Terrace 212$154,000
Rhoda Okunev7426 Granville Drive 206$153,000
U.S. Bank National Association and Nrz Pass-Through Trust B. II7005 70th Ave.$148,911
Bsl Holdings LLC7111 68th Ave.$147,500
Immobiliare Investment Group7111 57th Drive$147,000
Pamela Wedderburn and Heather E Shepard9539 Weldon Circle F209$142,000
Linda M Tillman9537 Weldon Circle Interstate 401$138,000
Marc S. and Teresita V. Winderman9647 Belfort Circle 103$132,500
Lemapa LLC and Grupo Vansal Corp.8050 Nob Hill Road U13-201$122,500
Jenny Mauren Geniesse4719 44th St.$120,000

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