Top 50 North Lauderdale, Florida home sales for June 2020

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These are the top 50 home sales for North Lauderdale, Florida in June 2020, according to

In June 2020, there were 55 homes sold, with a median home sale price of $205,731 in North Lauderdale.

Top 50 home sales in North Lauderdale for June 2020
BuyerAddressSale Price
Guillermo A. Collazo Ramos and Vivian Hernandez7517 Fourth Court$340,000
Deo and Teepersaud Narayan and Alicia A. Alladin-Narayan6931 Seventh Place$325,000
Daniel Robert and Gena Marie Keiper6545 Eighth Place$313,500
William and Sharell Lester6560 Kimberly Blvd.$305,000
Cassandra Robinson714 80th Terrace$305,000
Lysette Barbara Perez and Eduardo Lugardo6414 Braeburn$305,000
Francene Chavane and Kesnel Calix6860 Kimberly Blvd.$300,000
Jason A. Dillahunt and Rechantell T. Dillahunt-Anderson333 78th Terrace$300,000
Lindon Anton and Katherine P. White2005 86th Ave.$299,900
Victor Erazo Gonzalez and David Marteloze8250 Seventh St.$295,000
Junior Jean and Leonise Leo1363 Glen Oak Road$287,000
Maurice and Marie Y. Clecidor1000 Jasmine Lane$280,000
Andrew J. Krok128 Colly Way$280,000
Gifford Blake150 Colly Way$280,000
Xavier Adrian Casanas Zambrano and Estefany Nunez Batista1820 65th Ave.$269,000
Saintinor Philius6830 Seventh Court$258,000
Alrick T Ramsay7475 Tam Oshanter Blvd. 1$250,000
Armando David Gonzalez Martinez and Lianet Carrasco Hernandez8316 Coral Circle$248,000
Sandra Pierre7696 Seventh Court$245,000
Brice Martinez6790 Kimberly Blvd.$240,000
Taniece L Bradford6703 Blvd. of Champions$240,000
Rhodine Harriott6602 Salem St.$235,000
Chakevia L Hearns8413 Coral Circle$230,000
Andre D. and Jabes S. Morris6410 16th Court$222,900
Jasmine Armstrong6211 Kimberly Blvd.$220,000
Jhon Pierre Louis and Sandra Norman1620 63rd Terrace$220,000
Sean B. Robinson and Alicia M Pagan6591 Blvd. of Champions$209,000
Lloyd A. Taylor1952 60th Terrace$209,000
Mariela Chavez7954 Fifth St.$208,000
Danielle Nicole and Elissa Ruth Goodman2026 Winners Circle$203,000
Kenny Roberto Aguilar1846 Runners Way$200,000
Maria Jose Perez and Mariadaniela Perez Rodriguez1315 Hampton Blvd. 5$200,000
Maritza Contreras and Hector Zea6121 15th Court$200,000
Alexandra Maurice2005 Winners Circle$199,500
Raul A. and Elisa B. Castro1153 Sussex Drive 3-5$190,000
Luis Alonso Rivas910 Belmont Lane 910$188,000
Beatriz Goycochea and Albert Serrano6601 20th St.$176,000
Mania LLC1722 70th Way$175,000
Cliford Webster107 San Remo Blvd. 107-9$163,900
Silver Palms United LLC1200 50th Ave. 211-3$155,000
Silver Palms United LLC1201 50th Ave. 210-4$155,000
Jeraldyne German8108 23rd Court B-26$150,000
Shellany Rushin-Watson and Jerry Rushin8102 23rd Court C-30$137,000
Inversiones Roca LLC8061 Southgate Blvd. 2-I$131,000
Adriana M Turque8000 Hampton Blvd. 512$130,000
Erin E Ondrejicka8010 Hampton Blvd. 507$127,000
Jiraporn Cheng5628 Rock Island Road 188$126,500
Juan Carlos Munoz1404 Belmont Lane 1404$125,000
Juna Toussaint7912 Kimberly Blvd. 301$125,000
Framura Investment LLC7920 Kimberly Blvd. 305$123,000

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